About Matcha Mountains

Matcha Mountains is a Canadian, BC business, founded and run by Harreson and Joanne Sinclaire. Matcha changed our lives, gave us back our health, and makes us feel the world is a great place to live in. We are located in Nelson- the heart of the Kootenays. All our amazing products, are created, blended and packaged right here. All our products are unique and original, we are the leaders in matcha lattes, and matcha lemonades. We create, and others follow. Distributor and wholesale enquiries welcome, please see below!

Quality, Excellence, Honesty, our philosophy that drives our company. We strive to use only the best ingredients, from fair trade, organic suppliers. Besides our great tasting products, health is of the utmost importance. You will not find any white sugar in our latte and lemonade mixes. Only organic cane sugar is used, as it's healthier and it also tastes better. The best Matcha is made from shade grown tea leaves picked in late-spring. These leaves contain the highest concentrations of healthy anti-oxidants, and also L-theanine, the two elements that seperate matcha from many other superfoods. All our matcha comes exclusively from Nishio in Japan. This matcha producing area along with Uji are considered to be the two most important tea growing regions in Japan, where Matcha has been grown for over 800 years. We use only organic matcha which is typically grown at higher elevations, where the temperatures are cooler and the plants grow more slowly increasing there healthy qualities. Because we purchase direct from the tea farm, and we manufacture and package our own products you are getting exceptional quality and value.

If you are interested in carrying any of our product line in your cafe or store, or you have distributor inquiries contact us at: sales@matchamountains.com, or call PST 1-250-551-7130. We ship our matcha products across Canada, and USA. We offer a unique range of products, with organic ingredients and real flavor extracts. We started our business making matcha latte blends for our local cafes here in Nelson. "Try it, and you'll buy it" holds true for our products, I hear back from customers often how suprised they are that something so natural and organic can taste so good, and it can be found at the local cafe.