Matcha latte - the exciting new way to enjoy your matcha- and for something completely different try our matcha lemonade or "Lemonatcha"!

11 great products, - Matcha lattes - Matcha Lemonades - Matcha frappes - Pure Matcha. All made from Organic Japanese Matcha, Organic cane sugar, Organic real flavour extracts. No artificial flavours, colors, additives. Just real healthy stuff, and really amazing taste, We like to say "If you try it, you'll buy it". Please see complete product lineup below!

At Matcha Mountains we have taken an ancient product, Japanese stone-ground matcha, and blended it with other organic ingredients to make products that are healthful but also delicious. We would love to see matcha become a household word in North America, just as it is in Japan- where it is found not only in drinks but in baked goods, desserts, and even chocolate bars. While a large part of our focus is on latte blends, for the purists we offer our Organic 1st Harvest Matcha, stone ground, with a good clean astringent taste and bright green colour in an affordable format

Taste is everything, otherwise why keep it up. If it doesn't taste good, we know you won't keep buying it no matter how healthy it is. Our organic flavor extracts are made from the real food item. Open a bag of any of our blends and breath in the scent of real fruit from essential oil extracts. The taste is even better! While we always promote health and well being as a highly important reason for choosing our products we still want our matcha drinks mixes to be enjoyable and exciting to consume --no matter what your age or taste! We've tried to create a favourite drink for everyone that is also organic, completely natural, and without the addition of colours or chemicals. While all our mixes contain lots of matcha green tea, the concept of our flavoured matchas is that you are drinking a healthy green tea drink, without the taste of a green tea drink. Not all of us like the taste of coffee, and not everyone likes the taste of green tea either. But green tea is just too healthy not to drink it, so we hid it, cleverly disguised within the flavours describe below! We also have available Sugar Free Matcha lattes, in Chai and our Original matcha latte, they taste just like their sugar versions. Sweetened with natural plant Stevia, and Xylitol, a sugar substitute from US Birch tree extracts, that looks and tastes just like sugar. Perfect for Diabetics, Weight loss, and healthier sugar free lifestyles. Glycemic index 7.

What is a matcha latte?

"Latte" comes from the Italian word meaning " steamed milk". Cafe latte- with an espresso shot of coffee is probably one of today's cafe favourites, Our matcha latte simply uses matcha instead of espresso, with a twist. That is, our matcha latte mixes are made with organic cane sugar and Japanese matcha. Making one is as simple as adding our dry powdered mix to the milk in your steaming jug, and frothing it up with the steam wand on any espresso machine or using a simple electric hand frother to make your drink creamy and smooth. You can also use non-dairy alternatives such as, soymilk, almond or rice milk. All of our blends taste great hot, over ice, or in the blender.

Try any one of our Matcha Lattes for your new morning drink. A great alternative to coffee, they will give you sustained energy for hours, without the caffeine crash, an ample dose of antioxidants, and help boost your immune system. Matcha is alkaline so it won't lead to hyperacidity problems like indigestion, and it's the perfect de-stresser because of the high L-theanine content.

Our Matcha Latte blends

Original Matcha Latte - Our original mix is ideal for getting you going in the morning or as an afternoon "pick me up". Our original mix is for people who like the taste of green tea, as it contains the most matcha per serving, for a lighter taste add a few drops of natural vanilla extract or syrup. With a rich creamy texture, and subtle taste of green tea, it's an uplifting drink that's hard to put down. In Sugar Free version also.

Chai Matcha Latte - Spice up your life this season with our chai matcha latte made from organic freshly ground spices cardamon, cinnamon, ginger and cloves... with the difference of using matcha green tea instead of black tea as it's base. Smooth, creamy with a sweet cinnamon spice flavour. For a real treat add a topping of whipped cream and accent with a fresh cinnamon stick. In Sugar Free stevia version.

Raspberry Chocolate Matcha Latte - Rich berry flavour with a hint of chocolate, using fair-trade organic dutch cocoa powder. This all time favourite is perfect for a hot beverage or milkshake. Raspberries and chocolate are a perfect pairing, liquid dessert in a cup!

Caramel White Chocolate Latte - Our version of "Caramel machiatto" without the coffee - creamy and rich with the mellow warm overtones of caramel and smooth luxuriousness of white chocolate. Enjoy this one with dessert or as a pleasing alternative to hot chocolate. It has been compared to 'drinking a hot melted caramel bar - in a cup!

Blueberry Vanilla Latte - Made with real blueberry fruit and true vanilla extracts, this mix has a gentle aroma of fresh blueberries with soft vanilla undertones. While the idea of a hot fruit flavour latte may seem strange, it works beautifully, and as a cold blender drink- the perfect pairing of flavours that were made for each other.

Pina Colada Frappe - our latest creation for the coming summer- the name says it all, Pinapple blended with creamy coconut, matcha green tea. To make simply blend equal parts milk and ice our mix, even add a shot of rum flavour syrup, or real white rum if you want to have the real thing, add a mini plastic umbrella, a cherry on top, sit back and enjoy the taste of paradise.

Matcha Lemonade mixes

Matcha Lemonade "Lemonatcha" is our version of good old fashioned homestyle lemonade offering the refreshing tanginess of real lemon combined with the gentle taste of green tea. Made with organic ingredients and not overly sweet like so many of todays commercial lemonade blends, enjoy our's over ice, blended with ice, or try a creamy lemonatcha frosty with a mix of half ice, half milk. With it's matcha caffeine content, it's a great pick me up on a hot summers day. And for a little more grown up taste, use it as a mixer base with either Gin, Vodka or Tequila, or try our favourite- Italian "Limonchello" Lemon liquer. Available in Original and Raspberry flavours.

1st Harvest Pure Organic Japanese Matcha. - Japanese culture has adopted Matcha as part of it's incredible history for almost 1000 years. This green treasure- matcha has only been introduced into North America for less than a decade. Prized for it's health benefits and ability to transform our moods, and lift us with it's energy, Matcha is still used today in the elaborate Japanese Tea as it has been for centuries. We hope that eventually you come to enjoy it in it's pure form, in the meantime enjoy all our matcha products and welcome to the world of Matcha Mountains.

All of our products are available in 500g to 1kg sealed laminate foil bags for cafe and trade use, and for retail sales in a convienient and attractive metal screwtop tin - 225g tin for lattes and 350g tins for lemonatcha. Sugar free products come in 160g tins and 350g-700g cafe bags. our Pure 1st Harvest Matcha comes in a 60g metal tin, and 100g cafe bag. Please enquire for wholesale prices, we are also looking for Cafe / Tea Coffee distributors. We offer competitive pricing, and will ship for free with minimum order amounts across Canada and US.

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