Stories on Matcha

This is my story by Harreson Sinclaire, Company Founder & Co-owner with my lovely supporting wife, Joanne. I came from a natural background of natural bodywork therapy, and healing with a healthy organic food upbringing, I've always considered myself to have great immunity and health, rarely ever getting sick. For many years now I have been a carpenter living in the Kootenays, building both new, and often renovating 100 year old homes full of dust. Over the years I developed more and more allergies to dust, pollen, chemicals etc, culminating in violent sneezing attacks which lasted hours which even heavy allergy medication could not help with. I was always feeling tired and run down too. My wife an acupuncturist and chinese herbalist had some better results with herbs but again still suffering, and still falling back on medication. My cure and an end to suffering came in the form of a mysterious green powder--Matcha. As I an avid tea drinker- from being British I suppose, I took to the stuff instantly, besides the fantastic calm focused feel it gave me, I loved it's steady 4-6 hour energy boost, no more coffee! I felt like a new man, and literally I was. As for my allergies, I forgot they even existed, Joanne was the one that pointed out to me a week later that I hadn't sneezed once, taken a single pill, nothing. That was January 2010, now the plants are blooming and the pollen is starting to fly, still haven't sneezed yet. I love matcha so much I wanted to share it with the world, it has really changed my life for the better, so here I am- this company has come to life literally overnight in the business world, and more and more are sharing and enjoying this amazing green powder, called matcha.

Bob Hutchinson, Musician, painter, renovator. Before matcha I used to drink as many as 12 big cups of coffee a day, and smoke up to half a pack. Now on 2 -3 helpings of pure matcha a day, my coffee habit is down to 3-4 cups, mainly due to the taste I am so used too, and my cigarettes are less than half, cheers.

If you have a story, or testimonial about how matcha has helped you live a better life, or anything matcha related, recipes etc, I would love to post them here, please send them to